How is your garden doing so far this spring? Here are a few pictures of ours in progress. 🙂

I must go out and take more pics of the tomatoes and blackberries. We have had a crazy cool spring week and nothing seems to be growing much. I am READY for red tomatoes!!!!!

The Blood Root is from our woods. I did not get the flower pictures because the flowers are only around for a very short time, must have missed it. The leaves are so cool looking aren’t they? Nothing else like them!

Blood Root
Blood Root

My friend Andrea gave me a million, ok 40ish garlic plants so I dug a ditch and planted them(really seemed like a million!!). The garlic will not be ready for this year but I do have 5 or 6 that will be ready in a month or so.

40 garlic plants were planted last month
40 garlic plants were planted last month

phone pics 189

Beautiful chickweed ready for salve making!!!

phone pics 221 (1024x576)

My stinging nettle is growing like CRAZY!!

phone pics 218 (1024x576)

Kale and lettuce growing nicely and brussel sprouts growing in the middle

phone pics 219 (1024x576)

Gobo Burdock, Motherwort, Borage and ???

Knockout roses in full bloom
Knockout roses in full bloom

phone pics 224 (1024x576)


My little friends peeking out of the endless patch of mint. 🙂

Here is a yummy recipe for you –

Chickweed Pesto

2 cups fresh chickweed

2 cloves garlic

3 T sunflower seeds

1/4 tsp. sea salt

1/2 cup parmesan

1/2 cup olive oil

Add everything to a food processor and let it rip! You can stop it when it is really smooth or leave a bit chunky.

I can eat a whole bowl of this with chips and it keeps well in the fridge for a few days without browning. ENJOY!



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