Happy Day after Mother’s Day to all moms out there. 🙂

Phew it has been a whirlwind of a month so far with our trip to New York, homeschooling year coming to the end, Herb Certification class this year – each month and two busy Farmer’s Markets this week!!!

I wanted to recap my trip with you all and follow up on the last post, so enjoy!

Jonathan and I made our drive up to upstate New York to visit our Gram who has Stage 4 cancer – 🙁 .Gram is the coolest woman I know and it was so awesome to get to go up and visit with her for a few days – LOVE her and her strong spirit!

Well since we had traveled 800+ miles, we decided to take a few detours on the way home. 1st stop – Lancaster, PA for some good Amish foods!!! BUT before we made it there I accidentally went through a toll booth that was for the EZ Pass people – yikes. I was freaking out because there was no way to go back and some crazy dude was behind me honking his horn. When I got to the next toll, I apologized to the toll attendant and he said “oh well, too late you will get a ticket in the mail but you can send a note explaining what happened to avoid the fines”. Sigh…. ok back to the good stuff –

If you have never gone to Lancaster, you truly are missing out on a cultural experience that is so breathtaking and delightful. The kid did not want to go to the “commercial Amish”, he wanted the backroads Amish area so off we drove in search of a stand we visited two years ago. Yeah we got a bit lost in the search but oh my, what we did see was well, just beautiful. Here ya go!!!

phone pics 143 (1024x576) (2)

phone pics 144 (1024x576)phone pics 146 (1024x576)phone pics 148 (1024x576)

Amish buggy on the horizon
Amish buggy on the horizon

phone pics 151 (1024x576)

AND then we FOUND the store!!!!

My child has a fabulous sense of direction.phone pics 147 (1024x576)phone pics 145 (1024x576)

Oh and those delicious pies – yummmmmmmmyyyyyyy!


Jonathan said something I thought was pretty cute coming from a kid who likes to stay indoors on the computer – he said ” you know mom, I bet it is kind of cool to grow up Amish if you never experienced all the technology that we have now” Hmmmm.

Next stop, Polyface Farm in Swoope, Va. Have you ever been to Polyface? This is the second visit for me. Polyface Farm is owned by the Salatin family – famous author, Joel Salatin who wrote numerous farming books that are anything but ordinary and used by many as “how to” books.  I have read – You Can Farm, Folks This Ain’t Normal, The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer,  and my newest read – Family Friendly Farming Here’s a link for the farm – Polyface Farm.

This is no traditional farm as far as big, sterile farm types go, it is a normal just like you and I got, kinda farm. Totally LOVE!!! Let the pics do the talking –

AM polyface

Bunnies in the tractor
Bunnies in the tractor


Jonathan and the medium piggies
Jonathan and the medium piggies


Hoop houses all over the farm
Hoop houses all over the farm
Rakken house - chickens and rabbits cohabitating!!!
Rakken house – chickens and rabbits cohabitating!!!

The hens live in this house, but they go out in the moveable eggmobile too. The older rabbits are in here and their poop goes to the floor and the chickens scratch it in to make extra good fertilizer.

phone pics 156 (1024x576) phone pics 154 (1024x576)


LOOK at that grass for the sheep!!


Another view
Another view


Awesome weeds of course!!!!
Awesome weeds of course!!!!
Cool junk pile to fix fences and stuff :)
Cool junk pile to fix fences and stuff 🙂

I know I am weird…but all of us homesteaders have a pile of sorts to recycle and keep using.

And a couple of other random shots –


Last but not least my new book and the chicken I bought from the farm store – roasted at home!

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