What ya think when you read, ” Adopting an Amish Lifestyle?” Did you think I am off my rocker and decided to “become” Amish? Well seriously, you can’t just become Amish, you gotta be born into it or married into it or something like that. 🙂

But….could you “LIVE” like an Amish family or do you do that already? Hmmm….. food for thought. I am going out of town soon to visit family in New York with a small pitstop in Lancaster, PA because we love Amish life and food. They intrigue me, always have since I was a little girl and my grandparents took me there. I had to get the cute bonnet like the other girls had, had to try shoo fly pie, had to ride in a horse drawn buggy, had to secretly take a photo of an Amish girl selling her pies. I know, that is a no no but I was 10 years old or something. So my dear child WANTS to go back to Lancaster to get the “good root beer”, yep that is where the idea of making his own root beer all started and he wants all the yummy pies, even mincemeat. What is mincemeat anyway????

I came across a few web sites that had interesting info on Amish lifestyle so I thought I would post some cool steps to be more Amish….just wait until you are done reading them…you are gonna say hmmmm…”I DO THOSE THINGS ALREADY!!!!!” Sigh and smile if you do. 🙂

#1 Get Outside – go dig a garden or take a walk or sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds, the bees and feel the sunshine. Ok not today when it is freezing!!!! Maybe tomorrow.

#2 Stop Worrying About How You Look – Noooooooo, I don’t mean let all go to heck and stop showering or brushing your teeth and hair! Do you really need that $40 hair conditioner or $50 face wash and must you visit the mall every single week?? Can you make some of your own cleansers and hair care products or can you stop by the local thrift shop to pick up a really nice designer “new” shirt for only $5?

#3 Work Hard Both Physically and Mentally – Don’t take the easy route, do good for yourselves, your family and your community. You will be well rewarded!

#4 Make your own _____________, whatever you want – food, clothes, laundry detergent, soap, herbal remedies.

#5 Conserve energy. Turn off the heater/AC use a fireplace or fans or go outside to cool off. Turn lights off. Replace energy sucking appliances or bulbs with more energy efficient models.

#6 Avoid Modern Day Items You Don’t Need – ok so don’t throw out that computer but do you need it for 12 hours a day? TV all day? Read a book!

#7 Don’t drive for a day or two – walk, ride a bike or horse somewhere- ANYWHERE!
The ultimate homesteader would be Amish 🙂 More to come from our visit.

Anne-Marie 🙂

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