Dandelion(Taraxacum officinale)

When you mention the word dandelion to people what do you hear?


“Ahhh that darn weed!!!”, “I spray those” or “why the heck would you want DANDELIONS!?” When you mention them to me, I say “YAY for dandelions, love em!” There are so many wonderful benefits of eating dandelions or using them in medicine.

You can find a fabulous recipe for fried dandelion blossoms HERE.

Since the dandelions bloomed in March, I have made dandelion jelly, tea, used them in salads, fried them, made cookies and muffins. Here are some benefits and then I will share more delicious recipes.

Flowers – high in lecithin, which is vital to cell walls and helpful in preventing hardening of the arteries. Healthy cells make healthy bodies!

Leaves & Roots – High in iron, protein and vitamins A, B, C(50% of the RDA recommended!!!) & D. Incredible digestive aid – stimulates appetite through the bitter reflex and aids in digestion. Use leaves in an herbal infusion as a diuretic to safely rid your body of toxins without stripping it of potassium. Clean that liver! Dandelion also helps the gallbladder by stimulate bile production to help the body break down fats.

 By using this as a diuretic, you increase urination and help to lower high blood pressure.


So how many ways can you use dandelions? Let me count the ways…

#1 – Fried flower blossoms

#2 – Dandelion Jelly

#3 – Eat those blossoms right off the plant! 🙂

#4 – Stick a flower or two or three in your hair.

#5  – use a blossom for a mini paint brush

#6 – Make MUFFINS! these are fabulous!!!!



#7 – Make cookies! Fave recipe from Learning Herbs.

#8 – Dandelion Flower Tea – 1 cup petals, juice of 1/2 lemon and 1 T. honey. Pour about 16 oz. boiling water over petals, cover and steep until cool. Add lemon and honey and serve over ice.

#9 – Dandelion Soup – 3 cups dandelion leaves and young flower buds, 1/2 cup minced wild onion and 1 cup of chicken stock. simmer together. Strain out leaves and buds. Serve hot with toasted bread bits. ***Recipe from Ila Hatter*** I might try this with more broth!

#10 – Add blossoms and or leaves to your salad.

#11 – Make a Dandelion Salve

#11 – Make a hot infusion with the whole plant. Decoct the roots first, simmering 20 minutes then add the leaves and flowers and steep for 20 minutes. Strain and drink. DO not drink this in the evening or you will be visiting the potty all night long!

#12 – Make PESTO  or a DIP – Chopped raw dandelion leaves, scallions and chickweed. Add to sour cream along with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika and mix well. Experiment with the amount of spices until you get the flavor you like best!

#13 – Kids craft -Trace a dandelion leaf or dip in paint and make a print on paper.

#14 – add leaves to scrambled eggs

#15 – make a pretty yellow dye with the flowers

#16 – Dandelion Fritters


Any other ideas?

Have a Dandy day!





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