The fall and winter were kind of dreary here and I don’t just mean weather dreary…life dreary if you know what I mean. Nobody really likes to complain, nobody wants to hear complaints but life can’t always be PERFECT! Stuff happens for a reason, I get that. There are times where you just feel like all is lost and you are in a deep, dark hole with no hand in site to pull you out. What keeps you from feeling that – FAITH, yep FAITH, without it, no matter what religion you are, no matter who you pray to, faith keeps you from falling deeper in that hole. You know somewhere there is a light peeking through with a hand to pull you out.

That is exactly what happened here. Then it snowballed into lots of cool things, lots!!!!

New jobs, improved health, exciting opportunities, new growth and the list goes on. My coolest thing happened like this:

I was invited by my awesome friend Cyndi to attend a class, taught by Patricia Howell of Botanologos School ┬álast month, a class that I was unable to pay for due to circumstances beyond my control. Someone or a few someones anonymously donated the funds for me to attend the class. Oh my goodness, I was sooooo excited since I LOVE all of Patricia’s classes.

I arrived early so that I could help set up and chat for a bit. I asked Patricia if she was excited to be starting her annual Herb Certification Program the following week and she asked if I would ever be taking the course. My response, ” The only way I could attend the course was to have a miracle or to win the lottery.” It was the exact words that I said. What happened next was totally an unforeseen miracle or I had just won the darn lottery. Patricia mentioned that she did not have her assistant this year and would like to know if I would be her assistant in the program……Ahhhhhhhh, I almost fainted, I was dumbfounded…next week…holy moly…ok let me talk to my hubby.

Long story short, hubby said yes! How cool is THAT?!?! My second weekend of classes is coming up in beautiful North Carolina, one weekend a month. WOW!

In turn I am giving back to community where possible. One of the ladies in our Ladies Homestead Gathering won a free class from me and I recently donated my time to the herb walk below –

This past weekend I set up our farm booth at the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center and met some amazing folks that wanted to learn about herbal medicine and wildcrafting plants. There were 35+ people on my herb walk, crazy!

plant walk GEHC

Some beautiful plants on our walk…

Rue anemone
Rue anemone


bloodrootBlood root- Sanguinaria canadensis

Thank you to God, my family, my dear friends and to people I don’t even know that were involved in all the goodness!!!

Enjoy your beautiful day,


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