Have you ever made a meal from wild foods?

Spring is just starting to peek about in our neck of the woods and weeds are growing! The first lovely little flower and wild food to pop out is the dandelions of course. 🙂 Along with henbit, purple dead nettle, chickweed, yellow dock and mint.

Already this month I have made dandelion jelly and wanted to make more but really, I NEED a whole bunch of dandelions to make it worth the hour or so canning jelly. By the garden I was lucky enough to pick 20 or so blossoms, definitely not enough for jelly,….enough for fried dandelion blossoms! Along with the blossoms I picked a few of the leaves, a handful of chickweed and 5-6 baby yellow dock leaves to make a nice, yummy and healthy salad.


Don’t make the same mistake I made with getting the blossoms ready, pick ’em, wash ’em, dry ’em and batter and fry soon!!! I waited about an hour and my poor little blossoms started to close but not wanting to waste them I battered and fried them up anyway – so tasty. So how did I make them?


As many dandelions as you feel like picking

about 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs

1 egg white

salt and pepper

vegetable oil

Pour some oil in a pot and heat on medium until it is about 350 degrees. Meanwhile wash, dry and cut stems off your blossoms.



Whip an egg white until a bit frothy, add salt and pepper. Dip blossoms in the egg white and then cover completely with the panko bread crumbs. Drop into hot oil and fry just a minute or two until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.


Dip in homemade ranch dressing or eat them as is. YUMMO!!!!

I love wild foods and have this amazing cookbook from Ila Hatter – Wildcrafter extraordinaire from Wildcrafting.com



Enjoy friends!!!



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