Brrrrr……that’s all I gotta say tonight! I have a cold and it is colder than anything I remember here in GA. Minus 3 degrees tonight, what?????????

Horses all bundled up in their cozy blankets and hay in the barn for them to much all night. I have not been out of the house since yesterday but my dear honey is doing horse and chicken duty for me. 🙂 He filled up all the water and feed for the chickens so hopefully they huddle tight tonight to stay warm in the coop. One wall is solid but the others are open and they stay up on the two highest perches out of all wind. Hope they will be ok tonight!!!!!

Made a giant pot of hot chicken soup for the family – they had dumplings and I had THM Bread in a Mug.

Funny how I just segwayed into that chicken soup part after talking about the chicks. heehee!

DAY 3 of Trim Healthy Mama 😀

Breakfast – page 228 Creamy Quinoa (S Helper)

I had 3/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup.
I had 3/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup.

Lunch – Thai Tuna Wrap

I recreated the recipe from an old Pampered Chef recipe!

005 (1024x768)

1 can tuna,drained

3 cups chopped cabbage

1 T chopped onion

1 T shredded carrot(I know a no no but..)

2 T chopped fresh cilantro

small handful fresh spinach, chopped

1 T soy sauce or Bragg’s liquid aminos

1 tsp. truvia

2-3 T mayo

2 T lime juice

pinch celtic sea salt

Mix together the mayo, soy sauce, lime, salt and truvia. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Use one half of the Joseph’s Flax Lavash bread and spoon 1/4th of the tuna mixture into the wrap and roll up!

006 (1024x768)

Dinner – Chicken Soup with Bread in a Mug  – bread recipe page 265. – Don’t yell at me for the couple of carrots in the bowl!!! Added 1/2 dried hot pepper to knock this cold out. 🙂

008 (1024x768)

Keep warm and toasty friends!


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I am praying for all of you in this horribly unusual ‘deep-freeze’ right now. AND for all your livestock, for those of you who have them.
PS: if you are looking to shed a few pounds, I accidentally found a way: detox using zeolite powder! I ate some less than desirable not-so-fast food, and it gave me digestive issues, so I thought maybe a detox would get rid of the toxic ingredients in it. Just about an hour before bed, I mix a heaping tea-spoon (yes, a TEA spoon, not a teaspoon) of the zeolite powder from my local health food store, with water, chug about 1/4 of it down, add more water, do the same then fill the glass up and drink it. I noted after about 4 days of this, I had shed 4 #!!! I haven’t changed any other thing in my life. I try to eat well, but lately due to a work change, had been ‘sneaking’ in the restaurant food, which caused this whole thing. My exercise routine has been pretty much non-existant for while now, also due to hight work issues. ( I deliver mail in rural areas of Oregon…)
Thinking about trying kettlebells a suggestion from another blog….
Good luck, and again, prayers for a warming up for you all in the East and South!

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