It’s January and what ALWAYS happens in January? NO, NOT the white sales – hahaha! At least not for me, could care less about shopping. 🙂 January is the month we all want to set goals for the new year including eating healthier. Well I have a couple pounds to lose, 9 to be exact so I thought I would jump on the “Trim Healthy Mama” bandwagon with a bunch of my friends!

If you don’t know about Trim Healthy Mama(THM) and want more info than I can give visit their site here.


It is not a diet diet more of a really good way to eat AND lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. I have done the Suzanne Somers – Somersize in the past and have lost weight but this particular eating plan seems a bit more attainable and family friendly. The recipes are easy peasy!

Yesterday was officially Day 1 for me. Here is what I ate:

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs with butter and spinach. Clementine on the side. (S) for Satisfying

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LunchMexican Cottage Cheese Salad -large green salad with lowfat cottage cheese, black beans, salsa, celery, lemon juice (FP) Fuel Pull Salad(Helps you lose quicker)***Recipe in THM book page 302

Snack – 1 square dark chocolate

Dinner – Fresh mushroom soup (S)

3/4lb mixed fresh mushrooms – Shiitake and Oyster, both locally grown, sliced

Tablespoon or so butter

1 clove garlic, presses

1/2 onion, diced

1 celery rib, sliced

4 cups chicken stock,veg stock – homemade is best – used combo of chicken/turkey broth and broth powder/water, the broth powder had nutritional yeast in it and no junk.

1/4 cup heavy cream

sea salt and pepper

Shredded cheese

Saute mushrooms in half the butter, add a little olive or coconut oil if needed. Season how you like

Saute garlic, onion and celery in small stock pot in butter or olive oil until soft(add sea salt – a pinch) and starting to color. Add mushrooms and broth. Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Add heavy cream and more black pepper if needed. Turn heat down to low for just a few minutes. Remove from heat, serve and add shredded cheese.

I ate this as my dinner and the rest of the family had it on the side with their cube steak sandwiches.

Drink lots of water, teas and Good Girl Moonshine – water, stevia, fresh ginger, sea salt, apple cider vingear, citrus slices, mmmmmmmm!

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Snack – Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies Page 387

Sunday – I am feeling under the weather with a crappy cold the family passed on to me, it went through the entire house even though I sprayed Thieves Spray all over, gave everyone Elderberry Syrup, etc… BUT I will be back to normal asap, taking all my remedies – the above PLUS echinacea caps with goldenseal and cayenne, and some sniffles tea! Recipe Below.

But meals today!!!!

Breakfast – (E) – Energizing -Old fashioned oatmeal, 1 tsp butter, couple blueberries, 1 T coconut milk and truvia

Snack(S) A bowl of last nights Mushroom Soup

Lunch – (S)Curry Egg Salad( 2 eggs, curry powder, pepper, mustard,mayo), on a bed of greens, celery and the coolest crackers. 😀 Page 394 Joseph’s Crackers – made in the oven instead of nuking.

026 (1024x768)

I took about 3/4th of a Joseph’s low carb lavash wrap and brushed a bit of melted coconut oil on it and sprinkled sesame seeds and celtic sea salt. ***Note to self – brush with water to get better stickage!***. Used my pizza cutter to cut into squares. Baked on baking stone at 350 for 10 minutes. It will turn browner faster on metal pan, if using.

Snack(S) OK this is amazing…wait for it….Chocolate Cake in a Mug – takes 1 minute!!!! Page – 380. I only used 3 pkts of truvia but will use 4 next time. But oh so gooey and chocolatey!


Dinner(S) I roasted a big chicken, mashed cauliflower and frozen snap peas. Jonathan did not want the cauliflower so he had leftover potatoes from last night. Gravy of course but here I did cheat and add 1 heaping teaspoon flour to the homemade gravy from the drippings. Sharing it with my friends! Anyone else out there on Trim Healthy Mama? I would love to know!

Sniffles Tea Recipe

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Chock full of goodness with elderberries, nettle, ginger, orange peel, rosehips, fennel and thyme. Made a big jar of the mix.

I can’t take credit for the invention of this delicious tea, it came from Andrea at Frugally Sustainable. Click for the full recipe.

Recipe below Borrowed from Diann- Garden Lady

Loren’s Sore Throat Syrup

Diann Dirks

1 Qt. filtered water in sauce pan

Add 2 Tbs Candied Ginger or fresh ginger cut into small bits

7 leaves of Lambs Ears herb (can leave this out if you don’t have any)

3 spigs Winter Savory or 2 Tbs. Thyme (any flavor)

1 ½ Tbs. ground Cinnamon

¼ cup dried common sage crushed

The zest of one lemon

Bring to boil, lower heat to a simmer and simmer till the liquid is reduced to about one cup

Strain through cheese cloth or muslin fabric, squeeze to really getting every drop out.

While still warm:

Add the juice of one lemon

1 Cup honey

Stir until the honey is dissolved into the liquid. (This is a great way to use up crystallized honey you’ve been saving at the back of your cupboard!)


And to preserve it and help with the taste 2 Oz. Brandy or Whisky to your taste

You can leave this out and replace it with two gel caps worth of liquid Vit. E (squeeze out the vitamin, throw out the gel cap) as a preservative

Add about 12 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil

Stir and pour into glass bottles. Don’t use plastic.

Take a tablespoon at a time during the day or keep some by the bed stand at night and sip a bit at a time for really sore throat. I put some in a little dropper bottle and take a dropper full at a time.


If you’re suffering from cough, sore throat, congestion etc., you can take Elderberry Syrup, Colloid Silver, rub Vicks Vapor Rub on your nose, chest and bottoms of your feet, take a bath with 1 cup Epsom Salts and 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide in the hottest water you can comfortably stand and stay in at least 20 minutes or as long as you can. If it’s too hot, you can add a bit of cold water to be comfortable. You want to sweat. Bring a bottle of drinking water in the tub with you and keep sipping water to stay hydrated. These things should help. If your stomach is also upset, you can make a tea with fresh ginger and honey with peppermint leaves if you like or lemon balm herb. I also take Olive Leaf extract I get from Vitamin Shop by the Mall of Ga. and take 3 at the first sign of trouble, and keep it up once an hour. It’s a terrific anti-bacterial and anti-viral with no side effects. I hit impending illness with a lot of things bang bang bang as soon as I feel wonky. Better to get it when it’s young. You can also gargle with warm salt water which kills bacteria in the throat.

Get as much sleep as you can. Stay out of the cold. If you’re feverish stay away from others as this means you are contagious.

Thank you Diann for letting me share the above cold remedy!

Enjoy the rest of your day people!


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