2014 WW People's Choice Award Promo Button

Just wanted to give readers a heads up of what is coming on Wednesday!

Each week, wonderfully talented and knowledgeable bloggers link up incredible posts with Wildcrafting Wednesday! Thousands of readers from all over the world visit Wildcrafting Wednesday each week to learn, grow, and be inspired.

As bloggers ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to create posts that catch a reader’s attention, hold their interest, and teach them what they need to know to help themselves and their families.

Because we admire and respect the commitment to their readers AND because we appreciate their support of Wildcrafting Wednesday, we created The People’s Choice Award to recognize our Wildcrafting Wednesday contributors and all that they do!

Based on the response of our readers, the 10 most popular Wildcrafting Wednesday posts from the past year have been entered in The People’s Choice Award. Nominees have been notified and presented with a People’s Choice Award Nominee button which they can proudly display on their website and on their qualifying post.

Instead of the Wildcrafting Wednesday blog hop this week, The People’s Choice Award Nominees will be announced, voting will start, and for the following 5 days readers will have the opportunity to re-visit these 10 posts and vote for their favorite.

Voting will take place on all six host sites and everyone will have the opportunity to vote on each site.

I would like to invite you to support the bloggers who have been nominated by visiting their sites, reading the posts, congratulating them for their nomination, and voting for your favorite.

January 8th, the three posts with the most votes will be announced as the winners of The People’s Choice Award and Wildcrafting Wednesday will return as the premier blog hop to educate readers, support one another, and share our experiences with:

  1. Herbal uses
  2. Home remedies, and
  3. Self-sufficiency and Homesteading

But for now, please join with Kathy at Mind Body and Sole, Sharon at The Woodwife’s Journal, Jennifer at The Entwife’s Journal, Anne-Marie at Bella Vista Farm, Alix at Blessed in Homemaking, and Kristin at Herban Momma in congratulating and supporting this year’s nominees! 🙂

Happy Almost New Year to you all!!!


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