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I had to make some plantain oil yesterday for a big herbal class at our Ladies Homestead Gathering this so I thought I would post it here for you all!!
Shared on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

Were ya just thinking “Plantain infused oil, plantains? Aren’t they bananas?” Not those kind of plantains, the plant outside in everyone’s yard, kinda plantain.

012 (1024x768)ok this is a pitiful plant pic but I already chopped up all the pretty ones. 😀

Plantain(Plantago major, Plantago lanceolata)

grows pretty much everywhere except a desert. It is one of those weeds that grow in the sidewalk cracks, on the edge of the yard where you don’t mow, also where you mow cause it comes back all year long. Poor little plantain, you are often misunderstood. 🙁

This is one powerful little plant! I got stung by a few yellow jackets and by the time I got out of my woods, my arm had a 2-3 big welts. I reached down in the garden, because my best patch is there, grabbed a few leaves chewed them up and pressed them onto the welts with a couple band aids to hold it down. Two hours later I pulled off the band aids and Voila! Could barely tell where the stings were. Fantastic huh?

Here is what else plantain is good for –

helps stop bleeding, bug bites and stings, snake bites(do this THEN get to the ER), wrinkles, rashes, blood purifier(alterative – cleans blood especially good for blood poisoning), emergency food, wound healer, anti-inflammatory, splinter remover and MORE! Here is a cool article from Herbal Legacy.

YES the best use is fresh, masticated leaves but we cannot always have that option , so we make an infused oil to be used as is or in salves. I needed a bunch for the class and I collected close to a gallon of leaves. In my yard, I only have the narrow leaf(lance0lata) but I must plant some of the larger leaf(major)!!!

Next I checked all the leaves for any debris or bugs. Best to pick the day after a rain. I cut the leaves up in small pieces to make for a better infusion and added them to my large crock pot.

011 (1024x768)

Pour a good oil, I used regular olive oil, over the leaves until it covers by about 1 inch. For the amount of leaves I used 6 – 17oz bottles. I bought them at Aldi’s where it was less expensive than the giant bottles at Walmart. 🙂 Oh, and save those jars for refilling later!

016 copy (1024x768)

Stick a thermometer in the oil, do not cover and cook on low for 1 hour, at first. Keep temp between 100-140. At the end of the second hour, you may notice the temp creeping up, turn down to warm for another 1-2 hours. Let cool slightly because you will be straining this and don’t want to burn your little hands!

all color has come out of leaves into oil.
all color has come out of leaves into oil.

When cool, find another bowl or pot and line a strainer or colander with good cheese cloth. Pour oil mixture through into the strainer and then squeeze the cheese cloth with the leaves to get more out. discard the leaves.

022 (1024x768)

At this point you can let the oil sit for the sediment to get to the bottom and then pour off into bottles or do it now and then when you use your oil, be careful not to use the last bit at the bottom of the jar. The reason being, it may contain some water from the plant and we do not want out oil to spoil. Refrigerate this oil for up to a year.

Look at the rich, green color!!!
Look at the rich, green color!!!

If you wish to make a salve now, here is the way I do it –

For every one cup of finished oil, add 1/4 cup beeswax. Heat over low on the stove until beeswax melts then remove to a cooling rack. Add essential oils if using – about 10-12 drops for this amount. More or less depending on your purpose. If using tea tree EO, use the lesser amount. I prefer lavender or my new favorite – palmarosa! It’s a florally- rosy-intoxicating kind of smell. Pour into containers, let cool, then close up tightly and label.

024 (1024x768)


If you want to order the Palmarosa essential oil visit here! My FAVE place to order my herb supplies!!!


Enjoy your day today!


Affiliate disclaimer – I do post a few affiliate links that pay me a small commission, at no cost to you the consumer and this helps me keep blogging and teaching. 🙂

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This is a great tutorial on plantain salve! I’ve been making the same thing this week – great minds. 😉 When I first saw your plantain photo I did a double-take as the broader leaf variety is more prevalent where I live here in Tenn. Yours looks like the “ribbed” kind, and your infusion is much darker than mine. Wow, I’m staring at how dark your infused oil is – cool. I usually scent mine with lavender oil. I haven’t tried palmarosa yet, thanks for the tip!


Thanks! The oil does look darker in the pot than in the bottles but I find plantain makes one of the deepest colored oil. YES great minds think alike.


plantain is one of the key ingredients in my most favorite green goo salve – i use it on everything. great tutorial. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesdays! I hope you’ll join us this week and share more of your awesome posts.


Thanks Kristin!


My sister makes this into a nice thick salve…it’s great for cuts or very dry skin. I slowly melted down enough to put into a used (clean) tube of chapstick. It hardened back up leaving me a nice tube of salve chapstick! It was great for preventing and treating my lips in the cold winter months.


Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


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This information is so great thanks!


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