As I am sitting here doing our blog hop review, which is done each and every week by 6 of us that share the Wildcrafting Wednesday blog, I came across this FABULOUS recipe that I Must share!

Homemade Pumpkin Granola from Taylor Made Ranch

I don’t have my own pumpkins for the puree but I sure have a bunch of canned pumpkin and lots of oats!!! Hopefully I can get this made today and if so post the pictures!!! Here is a picture from Taylor Made to show how GOOD and delish it looks. 

Does anyone else have a favorite granola or another homemade cereal recipe?

Let me know and I have one for homemade frosted flakes that I will share after I see if it works. 😀



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Awwww…. Thanks! I think you’ll love the granola. I love pumpkin and I love granola so this combination rocks my world, but I almost always change it up to use what I have on hand. I’ve used home-canned applesauce (or pear butter) when I didn’t have pumpkin. I’ve changed the nuts and eliminated the coconut when I was out of those ingredients. Even with me tweaking the recipe it’s always been delicious. Enjoy!

~Taylor-Made Ranch~
Wolfe City, Texas


Thank you!!! 🙂



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