Yesterday I had scored at the local fruit stand with boxes of fruits and veggies for the critters! It was probably the best ever – we got FIVE boxes of cucumbers, tomatoes, collards, corn, apples, kiwis, avacados, onions, peppers, squash and okra.

I just needed to buy a few things at the fruit stand yesterday and hadn’t been there in months. I used to go every week when the cows were here to see if there was any bruised produce to offset hay costs. My fabulous fruit stand guy is always happy to share what can’t be sold. Sometimes we are lucky enough to use some of the produce for our family. Just because there is a spot on a cucumber or a scratch on a piece of squash doesn’t mean we can eat it but they can’t SELL it. Hmmmm…. how interesting! Here is what we got –

022 (1024x768)

Here is what we salvaged for us – I made a fresh salsa last night and peppers and onions for our tacos – YUM! So what if the onions sprouted – eat it or plant it. 😀

027 (1024x768)


Our girls enjoying their yummy snacks!!!!

I only gave them part of it and will put more out tomorrow.

025 (1024x768)

Henrietta always has to be in the front - hahaha!
Henrietta always has to be in the front – hahaha!


AND….two boxes are full to share with friends for their chickens!

If you haven’t seen yesterdays post about the Ultimate eBook Healthy Living Bundle, check it out here! I don’t do promotions often but I HAD to do this one because who wouldn’t want 84 eBooks!!! 🙂

Have a wonderfully, amazing day today,


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