Sometimes I think I save everything up for one day just because I don’t feel like doing chores or I am busy or whatever the excuse may be. Today, I was not going to procrastinate anymore! I got out by 8:45 and started my garden chores.

What a beautiful morning it was, sunny, a little warm but not scorching hot, just perfect! 🙂

Sunny Nasturtiums still blooming!
Sunny Nasturtiums still blooming!

Those raised beds needs help and fast. I pulled old watermelon vines, squash or cantelope vines(not quite sure what they were because they never made it to fruit) and tons of monkey and bermuda grass!!! I do have to say this year it was MUCH easier with the raised boxes than last year and years past. Some plants were left like the cherry tomatoes and basil that are still producing, A hopefully good crop of sweet potatoes, the giant patch of stinging nettle, some peppers, leeks and the gargantuan lemongrass plant! Have you any idea how big one of these gets? Seriously, I could only imagine what someone’s face would look like if they planted about 10!!! It would take over any garden. Lemongrass is beautiful and smells wonderful but I am still not even sure what to do with all of it. 😀

I planted some seeds – arugula, beets, freckles lettuce and plants – broccoli and cilantro. More to go! Next I trimmed some of the stinging nettle with gloves on, stupid me could only find a pair of gloves and they were a little too thin cause I got stung on two fingers. FINALLY they feel better, at 7:30pm, hee hee. The nettle is drying in a big pan so no one accidentally rubs across it and I will chop or grind it up for later use. I LOVE NETTLE! One of my most favorite medicinal herbs – lots of vitamins, high protein and energy to boot.

My sweet hubby fixed the chicken run area with bird netting(we worked on this YESTERDAY morning!) so no more escaping!

7 hens and no more jumping out!!!!

My honey working in the barn
My honey working in the barn

So I watered the garden, checked on raspberries(got a couple to munch on), checked on the shiitakes – no more yet. 🙁 and cleaned the horse water trough, the chickens waterer and cleaned the stalls. DONE, DONE and OVERDONE!

What a morning but I do feel better that it is all finished.
Enjoy your evening!

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Thank you! 🙂

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