Have I said I love bartering? Yep!!!! Ok so here are the goods for the last Ladies homestead Swap and Market Swaps –
004 (1024x768)


Tons of okra!!!! A butternut squash, cayenne peppers, green tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pineapple sage(drying) and arugula seeds, all for breads 😀



005 (1024x768)


This was truly the BEST score! TONS of lip balm tubes, tiny salve containers and cool spray bottles – traded for breads. I am so excited!!!

Did not get a picture of my market trade but I got a bunch of tomatoes and zucchini for cinnamon bread and she gave me two bouquets of fresh flowers! Definitely a perk at the end of the evening when you are packing up everything.

Anyone out there have a good trade for the week?


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Hi there! Love your bartering posts. The bottles, tubes and containers were an especially good trade. Have a great week.


Thanks Toni!


I would barter red tomatoes for my house at this point. LOL. They are almost there, but not quite.

Nice score!!


LOL! Thanks 🙂

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