Blackberry season is in full swing! I have wild blackberries that are covered up by weeds and vines this year. 🙁 Guess we need some cows again to keep everything neat and tidy. I can manage to pick a few here and there but nothing like last year- I picked numerous buckets!

Doesn’t really matter because at the Grayson Farmers Market I got the most amazing, fat, juicy blackberries that you could ever lay your eyes on.

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Yum, yum and yum again! Last night I got some more and traded them for two cinnamon rolls – oh yeah, good trade for both of us. 🙂 I may have to break down next week and get a whole bucket to make jam or blackberry syrup, mmmmmmm. My friend Stephanie makes a fantastic blackberry syrup that tastes divine over my cinnamon bread french toast. Ok, now my mouth is watering and I may need to go make some cinnamon french toast!

Did you know all the benefits for blackberries? Heck they are sooooo good for you, all parts of the plant too! Here is the low down –
Blackberry leaves and roots are astringent and clear up internal stomach issues like diarrhea and tones irritated membranes and it is used for mouth ulcers as well as red, irritated throats. The berries are just well, delicious and high in vitamin c and good for supporting healthy blood vessels and capillaries.

To harvest – collect leaves, carefully without getting pricked by the many thorns, anytime as long as they are healthy looking.Dry them on a screen and save for teas later. The berries – when you see them nice and dark and juicy. The roots – either before the leaves start or in the fall. Cut the roots from the plant, rinse well, and peel the root bark away. Then cut the root bark into thin strips and spread to dry on screens. Store when thoroughly dry.

– harvest when that part of the plant has the most concentration of good stuff. After the berries are done and the leaves start to die, all the plants energy goes back down into the root for storage so that is the perfect time to harvest the roots.

Make a tea

Here is a cool syrup recipe that I found from my friends at Learning Herbs – Herb Fairies:

Blackberry Blood Building Syrup
This makes a great daily tonic for building the blood and
counteracting anemia!

Ingredients  and Tools
2 cups fresh or frozen
1 cup Blackberry leaves
1/2 cup fresh Blackberry
roots (1/4 cup dried)
Raw honey
2 cups Water
Potato masher
Glass measuring cup

Bring the water to a boil with the roots and simmer gently
for 10 minutes.

Turn off the heat, add the berries and
mash them.

Add the leaves and cover for 1 hour.
Strain off the roots, berries and leaves, measure the liquid
then return it to the saucepan.

Measure out the same
amount of honey as you have liquid.
Gently heat the liquid and honey, stirring to mix

Add the mixture to a bottle and label. Store in
the refrigerator. It will last for a month or

To help it last longer, you can add
brandy to syrup at a ratio of 1/2 part brandy
to 4 parts syrup.
To use, take 1 tablespoon daily. If you are
needing to increase your daily amount of
iron, avoid using the brandy in your syrup
and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. (The
brandy will not be needed since you will use
it up before it goes bad).
***Recipe from Herbal Roots Zine May 2013***

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