This blog post is a little unusual than my usual posts. Just a bit ago, I was talking to my all time BFF in New York and we were discussing web sites, blogging, social media etc… Lorna, my BFF since 5th grade, wanted my dear son, Jonathan to make a web site for her. I suggested blogging! She was like, “What?!?!, why would I want to do that?” Well, I said because you love to talk as much, if not MORE than I do!!! 🙂 “What would I blog about?”, she asked. ANYTHING you like or want to talk about!


So for her, this is what I am doing, talking about stuff we like. Yep just all kinds of stuff, not my usual herbal remedies and farm stuff just cool things we have in common. Hope you enjoy this out of the ordinary, fun post!!! Let me know what ya think about it.

#1 Chocolate – chocolate is my all time favorite food, yeah I said FOOD not snack, why not, it has all the awesome goodness that we need plus the oh so happy feeling you get from eating it. Ok now, I LOVE dark chocolate, Lorna loves milk chocolate but ANY chocolate is fabulous!!! Have any of you visited Chocolate Covered Katie? Here is her site and a couple of my favorites from her. Katie calls her site The Chocolate Covered Diet! It s all about healthy chocolate concoctions to satisfy that craving. 🙂

How about some chocolate chip ice cream cookie cups? Oh my goodness!!!!


My favorite of Katie’s – Chocolate Chip Blondies – Totally incredible AND good for you!blondess

#2 The General Lee – yeah I said it! We LOVE the Dukes of Hazzard! I was in love with Bo Duke, part of his fan club at one time and Lorna she loved Luke Duke. I remember every Friday night watching the one hour series, singing the theme song, even had it as my ringtone. May just do that again. Come on how could you NOT love Bo. 🙂

Just look at that face –

bo duke

Which by the way brings us to #3 Cars –

I do not love classic cars as much as she does but the General Lee – oooohhhhh would love to own that car.

I am not 100% positive but I think her fave is the chevelle –

chevelle ss

#4 Potato Pancakes –

Lorna makes the best potato pancakes that her Grandma used to make. Yum!!! I don’t have the recipe handy. 🙁

My potato pancake recipe is from Southern Living – Fried potato patties. You just use up leftover mashed potatoes, add cheese, eggs and spices, breadcrumbs and fry them up. Delish!!!
potato patties

Here is the recipe –

2 cups of mashed REAL potatoes

1 cup of shredded cheese, any kind

salt and pepper

1/2 tsp. onion and garlic powder

2 eggs

soft homemade bread crumbs

Mix the potatoes, 1 egg, spices and cheese together. Whisk the second egg. Make a meatball size potato ball and dip into the egg then into the soft breadcrumbs, rolling to coat. Repeat with remaining potatoes. Fry in med high pan with oil for 6 minutes per side, press down slightly to flatten. When you flip then ,squish them down like a pancake. Not totally flat just flattened. Drain on paper towels and serve with sour cream, ketchup or anything you want on top!

Hope you enjoyed this evenings post!


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I will get back to you as soon as I stop crying!!


No crying!!!!


This is so cool! I love it! I remember liking both Bo & Luke at different times. The Chevelle is one of my favorites, GTO, Cuda, Charger….would be just fine with me! Let me see what pics I can come up with…….


Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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