My family just loves Japanese food! Especially sushi, but making REAL sushi is expensive because you have to buy sushimi which is like 5 times the cost of a piece of salmon you throw on the grill. So for the first time making sushi, we chose good old California Rolls!

Actually, I did not make the rolls, my son, Jonathan made them. 🙂
Last week, he says to me, “Mom I want to cook some things, like sushi, bratwurst and Irish Soda Bread. Guess you must be rubbing off on me!” Me…..I just smile and give him a BIG HUG!

So we used a recipe from Alton Brown –

We gathered all of the ingredients, the avacado, crab, cucumber, rice, seaweed sheets, rolling mat and Jonathan started his project.

031 (1024x768)

I made the rice in advance. Jonathan starts cutting up the veggies after I showed him how to do it.

030 (1024x768)

Next, he lays out a sheet of seaweed, I always forget the proper name. Adding rice and spreading it out.

032 (1024x768)

036 (1024x768)

Then the wrap is flipped over and the veggies and crab are placed down the center.

033 (1024x768)

Time to wrap it up, rolling it tight! Well….as tight as this BIG roll can get!! 🙂

034 (1024x768)


035 (1024x768)

Here it is sliced along side my General Tso’s chicken and fried rice. All of it was sooooo good!

037 (1024x768)

Great Job Kiddo!



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Great job! They look good!


Held together AND beautiful! Congrats!


Thanks everyone! Not bad for a 15 year old. 🙂



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