I love this time of the year, when the days are long, the mornings are cool and garden firsts pop up! Well I call them that…you know what I mean? The first flower, the first veggie, the first berry. 🙂

Remember what the garden looked like in March?

My beautiful boxes!
My beautiful boxes!

Well here it is now in May!

Spring garden 022 (1024x768)

The first strawberries –

Yummy strawberries
Yummy strawberries

Oh by the way, that is a garlic scape in the box. Trying to deter slugs, not sure if it will work. 🙂

Look at my beautiful zucchini plants!!! They are an heirloom type, cocozelle di napoli

Spring garden 011 (1024x768) So hoping there are no squash borers this year! Wish me LUCK.

The first sugar snap pea –

Spring garden 014 (1024x768)

And my FAVORITE medicinal flower, the sunny calendula! 🙂

Spring garden 017 (1024x768) I better go pick it so more will come! Really it works!!!

Here are a few more things growing:

What do you have growing right now? Let me know. Also what is your best way to keep out the bad bugs and keep in the beneficial bugs?

Have a beautiful day!



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