Wildcrafting Wednesday!

88th Wildcrafting Wednesday Wildcrafting Wednesday is hosted by: Sharon @ Woodwife’s Journal, Katherine @ Mind, Body and Soul Jennifer @ The Entwife’s Journal, Susan @ Real Food, Real Frugal, Lisa @ Self Sufficent Homemaker, Alix @ Blessed in Homemaking, Jerica @ Sustain, Create and Flow, and me! While traditional wildcrafting refers to gathering herbs and … Continue Reading

Chickens Had a Pizza Party!

My animals are spoiled rotten! Seriously. Just the other day, instead of giving my chickens their usual extra snack of leftover bread or veggies, they got pizza. Yep…3 leftover slices of homemade pepperoni pizza! Oh my goodness, they went bananas over it. One hen even took a piece and RAN away with it!!! 🙂   … Continue Reading