Every so often I get a call from Pilar at┬áRancho Alegre Farm, http://ranchoalegrefarm.com/ in Dacula asking me to help out with an upcoming field trip. Well this past Wednesday I went on over to work the petting zoo! Awesome thing about homesteading and staying home…you get to work whenever the opportunity arises. Never a dull moment!

Pilar is part of our Ladies Homestead Gathering and farm life is her full time job, especially Agri Tourism, which means lots of school field trips. But her place is set up perfectly for all the streams of buses and cars pulling in, plenty of parking, picnic tables and pavillions and clean bathrooms. Well I could have a car load or two come out, that is it! On the farm, there are chickens, horses, dairy cows, dairy goats, pigs, horses, mini donkeys, sheep, rabbits, gardens, worms, hay rides, playgrounds, oh my, you name it! Even “Honey Boo Boo” was there in the fall filming one of her shows.. How cool is that? If you ever want to see the show, I believe it was the Thanksgiving Special.

So I arrived at 9:00am on Wednesday and met up with the others to get our stations ready for all of the children, something like 150 kids. Chopped up carrots for all the little critters so the children could have fun feeding them. The buses arrived at 10:00am and proceeded to the meeting place, which is HUGE , by the way, and Pilar greeted the classes and talked for a bit about the farm. She then showed the kids a short demo on making cheese from one of her goat’s milk. The kids thought that was pretty amazing! Each of us got our first group and made our way to our stations. I explained the rules to my group quickly as they anxiously awaited to enter the petting area!!! These classes were the most well behaved, polite 3rd graders. ­čÖé Kids got their carrots and off they went!

pig and field trip 012pig and field trip 008pig and field trip 006 (1024x768)pig and field trip 005 (1024x768)

I showed some of the children exactly how to feed the cow because they were alittle intimidated and the poor little cow kept trying to reach the carrot with her long black tongue only to feel it fall to the ground! After I showed the kids, they happily fed the young calf her snacks.

pig and field trip 004pig and field trip 013

Some of the children tried to feed the young chickens a carrot but instead I showed them how to pet the babies, much more fun. ­čÖé

pig and field trip 015

Ok my absolute favorite moment of the day….just look at this pic with the two lambs sound asleep on their mama!!!

pig and field trip 014 (1024x768)

Ten minutes go by pretty darn quick, the class had to change to their next activity so off to milk a goat! After about an hour or so, six classes in all, we were finished. The classes ran off for bathroom breaks and lunch while we all cleaned up. I helped Lana and Anna put away the goats and the donkey, clean up our stations and bring all the signs back to the house. Sandra was in the house with homemade goat cheese and lemonade for all of us, yay!!!

Oh my, what a good snack we had. The goat cheese had, I think rosemary and garlic and the lemonade had lemon balm and mint, totally yummmmmm….. Just ask the rest of the gang, Anna, Lana, Zach, Pam, Lauren and Debbie. Who says work can’t be fun? Wish I could work the two field trips next week but, sigh, already have a full schedule.

Hope you have enjoyed todays post, have a fabulous day,


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Aw Anne-Marie, thanks for the lovely article. I don’t know what is more fun, all the kids and teachers who tell us this is one of the best field trips they’ve had (I over heard one child tell his friend that this was so worth the money he paid for his field trip, how nice, right, from a child?) or the response from all my volunteers who tell me they have so much fun, to please keep them posted to come back (you included). I think this a great experience for us all, me included, all different ways. Thank you!


You are welcome Pilar! I love the kids and seeing how happy they are when they get to touch a real farm animal. ­čÖé

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