Up until this spring, I have only gardened by tradition row planting with the addition of two small raised garden boxes. Row planting is more time consuming each year, especially for my hubby, with the endless tilling and raking dirt into mounds and then of course, my job….the weeding!!! Ugghh! So determined not to get red clay-caked boots when watering the garden, weeding or harvesting, I decided it is time to build raised permananent bed!

Before building the beds.
Before building the beds.

So here was my first one, I built it by myself. 🙂

garden 2013 early 004 (1280x960)

Dear hubby saw it and said let’s build you some more – yay!

garden 002 (1280x960)

We only used repurposed wood from our scrap pile, we save everything!!! That is a good thing too because we saved about $50 or so doing it.

My beautiful boxes!
My beautiful boxes!

I always have a compost pile going with horse manure, chicken manure and veggie scraps so into the oldest pile I dug and boy were there big, fat worms all in it. Do you know how hard it is to scoop up dirt and not kill a poor little worm? I wanted ALL of them in the garden boxes but we may have had a few casualties along the way. Sigh…

Before I put the compost in, I lined each box with weed block fabric that I already had in the barn. Next went some of the compost into each box. Off to the store for vermiculite and peat moss! I needed two bags of peat and one vermiculite to mix with the remaining compost and filled all the beds.(the two brick and cement beds were already done from last year.)

I will post updated pictures with the plants in them! Send me some pictures of your garden and I will post them here. 🙂

Enjoy your day today!


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