I have read numerous articles about growing your own lemon tree! Hmmm….now of course if we were in California or Florida, you would say no big deal, right? Well here in Georgia? I heard it could be done so I am going to try it. Has anyone had any success growing a lemon tree? Tell me all about it. I will follow up this tutorial with what’s a lemon good for anyway? Enjoy!


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I have 2 or 3 Meyers lemon trees potted on my back deck. I didn’t raise them from seeds, but they’re doing well so far! I’m tempted to try planting one in the yard this year and see how it does. I can donate some seeds this year if you want to try growing them on your own, assuming I get a few lemons!


I don’t know if they can stay outside permanently but maybe if you cover it in plastic in the winter? But YES, would love some seeds to try!

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