Every January about this time, especially after a warm spell, I just want to start planting! Anything!! Even though I do have collards, spinach and whats left of the broccoli, I find I am impatient waiting for spring to arrive so I can do more. Well it is cold again, we have the weirdest weather in Georgia! You just never know what to wear anymore cause in the morning I need a heavy coat and hat to go feed the critters and by midday, I may only need a light sweatshirt.

Sunday, I went with a good friend to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for a walk and a meeting with the Georgia Herbalist Guild. There were some beautiful flowers blooming!!! I am not an ornamental plant kind of person, I like it to have some sort of purpose, but wow….those Camilla flowers were awesome! I am not even sure if I spelled it correctly, sorry. Cyndi took this amazing picture of an orchid in the orchid house.
Here is a picture of us at the fountain: Me, Cyndi and Chris
dec2012 035

And here is one of us in the Gnome Cave in the Children’s Garden! I usually don’t like gnomes but these sure are cute, unlike the ones you see on the priority mail commercials, lol.
am and chris botanical gardens

Of course going here just makes me want to plant even more! So you can imagine my excitement when my shipment of medicinal seeds arrived from Horizon Herbs!

dec2012 025

This is what I got –
Astragalus, Holy Basil (Kapoor Tulsi), Gobo Burdock, Mixed Calendula, German Chamomile, Echinacea purpurea, Elecampane, Evening Primrose, Brown Flax, Lemon Balm, Marshmallow, Official Motherwort, Stinging Nettles, Cayenne Pepper, Garden Sage, Official Valerian, Wood Betony and Yarrow.

Horizon Herbs calls this set their Lifeline Set, what a cool name!
Anyway, here is the link for you to check them out in case you want to order your own Lifeline. 🙂

Imagine a garden like this:

Ahhh…one day, but for now I will keep planting my little areas until they become one big GIANT area of medicinal flowers and herbs. Share with me some of your garden ideas and pictures!
Have a beautiful day!

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