Being a homesteader means doing a bunch of chores on the farm including raking, digging, clearing, cutting down trees and brush, shoveling poop, carrying hay bales, feed bags, cleaning, you name it! Lately, I have been feeling, well alittle bit lacking in strength…I guess you could say. My back and neck have some issues anyway so usually I ask my sweet son to carry the hay and feed for me which he does. Hey he is a big, tall 15 year old and me, wimpy 40 something, height challenged lady! No I am not really complaining because I would not change my life for the world!

So a bunch of ladies from our homestead group decided they would do this 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I neglected to sign up, at first, accidentally on purpose but after a week of seeing the posts of how much fun they were having…I jumped in!

I clicked the link for the challenge(killer boot camp),

I signed up Tuesday evening! Wednesday it is raining and the first task is a one mile run, yeah that’s right one mile! Patiently, I waited for the stupid rain to slow down so I could run my mile and finally did it. So I didn’t pass out, that’s good, now on to the rest of the tasks.
I am going to post the link for the video if you want to see the exercises and try them. 🙂
60 seconds for each exercise- how many reps can you do?
1. Crawl Down Push ups – did like three and then could not push myself back up so I had to modify.
2. Burpees(Whoever invented this I want to slap, seriously!!)
3. Single leg toe touches – not bad
4. Body squats -got it!
5. Tricep dips, my arms are still falling off!!!!

Today was Day 4

-Yep I skipped 2 and 3 to catch up with a friend. Day 3 was a rest day. Here is the link for Day 4’s exercises.
day4 had twenty minutes to do these and let me tell you – I am OLD!!!! hahahahaha…I will get it together though and become stronger. Burpees better get the heck off the list and one day I will succeed at the REAL push ups without touching the ground.
Now let me go take my poor sore muscles and walk out in the rain, yeah still raining and go feed my horses!
Enjoy your day 🙂

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