It is little things that just make my day sparkle just a bit more. I read on a recent blog
about Mavis and how she gets free stuff from the grocery stores for her chickens that they would otherwise get rid of. Hmmmm…I thought, this could save a bunch on chicken and cow feed. So off I went to the local fruit stand, because I know here in GA there are no food stores that give stuff away. They would rather throw it away. Well not exactly, they have given breads to the shelters and thrift stores but fruits and veggies, no.

I asked the guys that worked at the fruit stand what they do with all the veggies they can’t sell? One guy told me, “we just give away to anyone who has livestock”. Yay! So I loaded up a box to bring home. Upon returning home, I immediately had to look inside the box to see what goodies I would find!
I separated everything into piles – one for the cows, one for the chickens, one for us and one for the compost pile(not in the pictures). The chickens got lots of tomatoes, squash, and a few cucumbers. The cows got corn, corn husks, cukes, apples and peppers(which I realized later they do NOT like peppers!) We got some cukes, squash, turnips, an onion, apples and oranges and peppers. Oh yeah, the horses got a couple apples too. The rest that was no good went into the compost.

So what did I do with my bounty? Gave a couple things to my friend Elaine and then made relish and apple sauce.

This is not the end! My wonderful friend, Kim has lots of pecan trees and picked up about 150lbs. of pecans over the last two weeks that needed to go to the nut cracker. Since she works full time, I did it twice for her and guess what I got? Pecans, of course! 100_1058
We love to barter and I totally dislike paying for nuts. Rather do without them. But thanks to Kim, I don’t have to!

Have any of you bartered or found awesome goodies for free? Please tell me, I love comments!

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