You know you are a homestead when…your child comes in the room with a box of cookies and says, “Mom, is there spinach in these cookies?” Ok you gotta know me, yes I have hidden spinach in cookies, well really brownies, and blueberries and chickpeas and whatever healthy ingredient I could possibly slip into the food without my dear child and hubby knowing. You are probably saying, “Hey that’s sneaky!!!” but really you want to know how to do it do, don’t you?

First, this is what Jonathan brought in to show me.
Notice on the label, it says, Earthfare Organic Half and Half mix – spinach, but in the clear box you see a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Ok so I wish I had a camera in hand for the priceless look on Jonathan’s face when he asked me that question, because there was no spinach in there, I just reused the clear box(as all of us frugal, homesteading, recycling freaks do)that the salad mix came in, which by the way was free from Earthfare. See past posts from earlier this month for that little tidbit!

Yes I was laughing and assured him there was absolutely no spinach, whatsoever in those cookies and matter of fact, they were store bought chocolate chip cookies. That’s right, I do buy store bought cookies too, not everything all of the time is completely homemade! Sometimes a girl needs a break!!!!

If you want to sneak some extra veggies and fruits in your baked goods. Blend up a couple cups of fresh spinach(no frozen spinach!) in a blender with a cup or two of blueberries. Save this mixture in the freezer in 1/4 cup servings and add it to your chocolate cakes or brownies in place of a portion of oil. No one will know, I promise!

I will post some of the recipes later that I use from “The Sneaky Chef” or you can find her recipes here:

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