I love the fall! It is my favorite season, except when I think about buying Christmas presents, ordering Christmas cards, Holiday meals and shipping things off to New York and Florida.

We all go through it, I know, but sometimes it helps to brainstorm ideas to have alittle extra cash in the pocket and NOT use the credit cards because we all have bills to pay and do not want to add to them! This month I am going to focus on money saving tips, recipes, self sufficency and stress reducing strategies. I will post what I am doing and you are welcome to do the same. In fact, I encourage all of you to post ideas, recipes and tips on my page so we can share ok?

First tip – If you live in Georgia and you are close to Earthfare then today or tomorrow go to their web site and sign up for their weekly email. You can then print a coupon(just one for this deal) and go to the store to buy 5 items for $5!!! Here are the items:
1 pint of organic grape tomatoes
1 package of Earthfare brand organic salad mix
1 lb. fresh italian sausage, ground
1 lb. pasta
1 jar of Earthfare organic salad dressing
All of this would normally cost about $17 yikes! But $5, I got it!

I only shop at Earthfare for their weekly deals and bulk items and I go maybe twice a month otherwise the gas would be crazy driving 26 miles each way! I go when I am halfway there after delivering bread to Second Hand Rose in Statham. And YES I do shop at 3-4 stores a week to save the maximum amount, it is the only thing I seem to have complete control over!! Will post more later, have a good day!!

Keep it simple and save a lot,

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