Originally I was going to post about doing fall chores out in the garden, barn and chicken house but I really want to talk about my Ladies Homestead Group. I am truly blessed to be part of this group! My only complaint would be that we didn’t start it 10 years ago!!!

My good friend Cyndi, from The Lazy B Farm, started the group almost two years ago with the hopes of getting a few like minded women together to learn from each other about homesteading, gardening, animal care, natural medicine, etc… Well it started out with a bang, I think we had like 28 people at the first meeting! We since have moved to a bigger building. Throughout the last two year I have learned how to garden(really be organized and have a plan), how to use a chainsaw, how to use plants for medicine, how to make soap, cheese, butter, kombucha, oh my gosh, just about anything you could think of having to do with homesteading life!

Two weekends ago, we all went on our second retreat – 17 ladies(I think) up to Foxfire Museum and stayed in the cabins or long house or whatever building I was in. All I can say is wow! We had the best time talking, laughing, eating, laughing, eating, crying, eating. Really we ate ALOT!!!! Some of the best cooks are in this group! We learned how to make chinese food, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, and soap. Great lessons on vermiculture(worm farming), fall gardening, hoop houses/cold frames, juicing, and I know I am forgetting a class, hmmmm…

Most of all the friendships are the true treasures of this weekend!

I hope that some of you have a group in your area like mine because surrounding yourself with like minded, good hearted, positive people is the way to live!

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WOW. Best. Idea. Ever.

What a wonderful, simple, old-fashioned idea!


Thank you!!

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