I harvested a bunch of veggies from the garden and am now getting ready to plant for fall. This will be the first fall garden so I am excited!!!

If at all possible I try to avoid buying produce at the grocery store since there are so many local farms to buy from and you know for sure that it is fresh! At the Statham Farmers Market this past weekend I purchased beautiful brussel sprouts and tomatoes from Sunshine Farm, kettle corn(ok I know it is not a veggie anymore but a yummy treat) from a new vendor and Ribeye steaks from Lazy B Farm. Some folks come to the market and pretty much do their entire shopping for the week, except of course we can’t sell milk and cheese. Now that Statham is done for the season, I have Monroe Farmers Market to look forward to on Saturdays from 8-1 and there is always Thompson Farms in Campton on Hwy 11.

I picked sweet potatoes, all the carrots even though they are small, and almost all of my basil! Still have more. With the sweet potatoes I made what we call sweet potato cake but it is really a souffle with a cake mix on top and I will post the recipe. for the basil I washed and took all the leaves off, tore some of them and placed in ice cube trays and covered with olive oil. Someone passed this tip along and I thought it was much better than just throwing the basil in a freezer bag, which by the way, turns a yucky color. Looked in at the basil ice cubes and they are still bright green! I will have to do this with the sage, parsley and oregano too. I also made some basil pesto which will be posted on the recipe page.

Who needs fast food? Not me! Happy at home with good old home cooking!

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