Good morning to you! I would have posted earlier this morning but my hubby and I rode our horses since it was nice and cool. So peaceful and beautiful in the woods!

So I have started adding recipes to the recipe page. today I am posting a fabulous Gluten free Blondie recipe for a healthy snack. Can’t remember if oats are gluten free or not but I prefer using the oats in this recipe even though it calls for ground flax. Also posting a “General Tso’s recipe for a favorite chinese take out meal.

Please comment as much as you want as to how you are doing, challenges during the challenge, recipes, helpful hints etc… Have fun and eat at home!

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Yeah for the gluten free! That’s all my baby girl can eat, so I’m not sure if you had us in mind when you posted that recipe but thank you! Definitely making the blondie as a treat this week. By the way, since my daughter has Celiac and is very sensitive to gluten, we buy gluten free oats. The oats themselves are gluten free, but the problem is that they are often manufactured in a plant and on machinery that also produces wheat, barley etc.


Thank you for clarifying the oats thing. I knew there was something about them. These blondies are delicious but don’t tell Jonathan what’s in them cause he likes them and I don’t want to spoil it. 🙂

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