Today I want to start off with a question to you all. How many times a week do you eat out?

Now be honest, count fast food, coffee stops at QT, donuts, any sit down restaurant dinners etc… Just ponder that question for a minute or two and write down your answer on a piece of paper. Do it now and then continue reading.

OK you’re back? Great! Let’s begin. Many times I hear from folks or have said myself, “oh I have no money to buy this” or “I can’t possibly buy organic food because it is too expensive”(as they are eating a big fat cheeseburger and drinking a super sized diet coke.) My favorite, ” There is not enough time in the day to cook all three meals at home, what are you crazy!” Yep I went there.

Everyone of us has the same 24 hours in the day but what we choose to do with them is individual choice. I’ll be the first to admit, I have used those same excuses. As the years went by and as our belts got tighter, monetarily speaking, I knew somethings had to change, starting with food! Don’t get me wrong, I have never been an eat-out-of-the-house everday kind of person but I frequently stopped at Chick Fil A for breakfast a number of times a week and out to dinner 2 or 3 times a month and a Giant sweet tea here or a coffee there.

This past January, I took the 30 Day Frugal Challenge on favorite blogger!!!) There were different challenges to do each day but I gave myself one big one as well. I gave up ALL fast food and my goal is one year. Oh it was rediculously tough during those first few weeks! No breakfast burritos…no McD’s french fries…no more giant size sweet teas…none! Seven and a half months later, I am still doing that challenge but yes, I have fallen off the fast food wagon. Still, I can count the number of times that I did – 6. Three of which were on a road trip to Virginia. I do not miss fast food at all and I think my body is thanking me for it.

In my life, I have my family, fellow homesteaders, the farmers market, my garden, good, local food and like minded friends. Ahhh… who needs McDonalds et al with their fake food that travels miles and miles to get to us. Anyway, what really is in those chicken sandwiches and chicken mcnuggets?

So here is my challenge to you if you choose to try it! For just one week, just seven days out of your lifetime, can you eat only at home or in your travels but with food made by you, not frozen fast food either, but honest to goodness REAL food? A few changes may occur if you accept this challenge.
-More money in your pocket
-Fitting into your clothing better
-Less stomach issues
-More energy
-A new attitude about food

To make it easier, I will post a recipe a day as well as add a page to the blog to compile the recipes. If you have a good recipe that you want to share with all of us, please post it in your comments and I will copy and paste on the recipes page.

Here are the rules:
-You can post your name accepting the challenge or remain anonymous and do it on your own. It is more fun to have a bunch of folks helping and encouraging each other.
-No food out, not even starbucks for those rediculous $6 coffees!
-If you have a wedding or evening out planned already, that is ok but otherwise stick to the plan.
-The meals need to come from your kitchen. This will be hard on your family especially with little kids but do try to have them involved. Remember it’s only a week!

We will start the challenge this Sunday, August 26th so that will give you time to prepare.
Remember the question I asked to begin with? Say you came up with, “I only eat out 5 days a week and spend $40.” Well, what could you do with that $40 if you did not eat out next week. Hmmmm food for thought.
****GOOD LUCK and keep me posted! I will be posting everyday starting Sunday to encourage you.****

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