Tomatoes are here!

My garden is looking pretty good this year. I am so happy! Most of the tomato plants are as tall as me or taller, even though that’s not really that tall if you know me personally, all 5 feet of me. Still…decent plants as far as I am concerned. Look at all the tomatoes I got in the past two days!

The onions I dug up, accidentally because I did not even think they were there. Really John dug them up, I picked them out of the beds. The cucumbers were producing a massive amount last week but now have since slowed. But with all those tomatoes, I will make sauce tomorrow!


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  1. Ann Marie,

    We met at Keri lee testa’s awhile back then I met you again at the stathsm farmers market last week. Is there a chance I can come see your place? It sounds great


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