This past weekend I went camping with the Lazy B Ladies Homestead Group and we had a blast as always! We camped on a beautiful 600 acre farm up in Carnesville, thanks to our good friend Lynn and her parents.

On Sunday the group, led by Andrea’s brother, Butch took us on a learning adventure all over the farm! He is so knowledgeable about plants and their uses that we almost did not make it 5 feet away from the campsite. The first thing he showed us were some mushrooms that are known for their medicinal properties in Chinese medicine. Now, I know nothing about mushrooms other than the normal cremini and portobella that you buy in the store. Since there can be some major toxic or hallucinogenic species in the forest…I kinda stay away from all of them!

Reishi Mushroom – notice the dark orangy brown stem.

Next we found some violets, well… violet leaves, no flowers present. The leaves are full of vitamin C and the flowers even more so.

Here is a plant that looks similar to the violet leaves but MUCH bigger! The leaves of the Wild Ginger are thick and waxy like where as the violets are thin and more delicate.

It is not the same as regular ginger but it sure smells like it. Not sure yet on the uses because so far it seems like the leaves carry a toxin that is not good if ingested so for now it can be used topically on wounds. Will post more on it as I find out.

OK so here we are walking through this HUGE pasture and Butch is off….way ahead of us cause he spotted something!!! See the white dot in the picture up ahead of the group to the right? That would be Butch!

He spotted a Willow Tree. Did you know willow bark has salicylic acid in it, the same thing used in aspirins? So someone had a really bad headache, Butch cuts off a strip of bark and tells her to chew on it. Lo and behold her headache goes away within minutes. Hmmmm…pretty cool stuff! So we all try a piece, and let me tell you, it is pretty nasty – just like chewing an aspirin. But I saved a piece for future use.

By the way, I found a Willow Tree at home -yippee!

Here is the view from our lunch stop on the hill. Absolutely gorgeous!
And most of the gang:
I love my friends! We laughed, we ate, we learned -totally cool!

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