Since we recently got a few new baby chicks, we knew that our chicken house would need an update to accommodate them as they got bigger. At first, we had the babies in a large rubbermaid tub with a grate and a light but oh they are quite active at a month old! They run all around the tub sending shavings everywhere!!! So in the big hen house they must go.

You can just put the babies in with the big hens because they are still small and some hens will pick on them and possibly hurt the baby girls. John took apart most of the interior of the hen house and then built a nice ramp to get up to the laying boxes and perches. John and Jonathan closed off half of the bottom of the house so the chicks could be comfy and safe. In went Lucy, Ethel and Shirley!!! Good old Henrietta came over to visit trying to figure out how these new girls got in HER house. Bertha and Fuzzbutt will meet them later on. So yes, we now have 6 chickens!

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