Thursday, Jonathan and I went out to West Walton Feed and bought two baby chicks to add to our little flock. One is a Rhode Island Red and the other is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. I didn’t know anything about the Wyandotte breed so I looked it up.

The Wyandotte are known for their calm and sweet disposition. The hens (females) will lay around 200 eggs a year with an exceptional hen laying around 240 eggs a year. The eggs are brown or tinted. The hens weigh around 6 pounds. The hens also make great setters. (Hopefully not as much as my Japanese Silkie!!)

Golden Laced: The golden laced wyandotte is a golden color with black around the edge of every feather and black tail. Joseph McKeen of Wisconsin was the originator of the Golden Laced Wyandotte. In 1880 he crossed Silver Laced Wyandotte females with a large “Black Red” patterned fowl of unknown origin called the Winnebago. The variety was admitted to the American Standard in 1888.
(Some notes taken from Wikipedia)
Here is a picture of what a full grown Wyandotte looks like:

We named the girls Lucy and Ethel!! 🙂

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I learned something new today. Your baby chicks are so cute.


Yay Keicha, I can now see your comments! Thank you. 🙂

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