It was such a beautiful weekend this past week so we got a bunch of farm chores done. The guys built a gate to replace an old gate by the horse pasture and tightened up some metal t-posts near the cow pasture. I worked in the garden picking weeds out and planting tomatoes, sunflowers, nasturtiums, calendula, lettuce and patty pan squash. More plants to come soon. Swiss Chard is growing fast in the garden – yay!


Yesterday, jonathan and I went on a hike in the woods to locate some plants for his Science project and he took some beautiful photos! I have a ton of these plants which i thought were Jewelweed with its pretty yellow and orange flowers,

but now not so sure!!! Just saw these plants on a website and OH NOOOOOOOO – they are buckeye plants – pretty but no good!               The other photo is Mullein which is used medicinally.


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