Learning about herbal remedies this past year has been very enlightening! Who knew there were so many medicinal plants right in our backyard and in our gardens. I thought about having a class/ workshop here at the farm for folks that want to learn about medicinal plants, their uses and make some herbal remedies to take home.

What ya think?
Now this is for beginners, I am not a certified herbalist by any means but would love to share the knowledge that was passed on to me from numerous people. If you want to do this just comment on my post for me and I will find a Saturday or Sunday in the next few weeks. Class fee approximately $20.

Just for starters, go out and get a rosemary plant. Its not only a culinary plant but an awesome medicinal as well.
Rosemary. Is an analgesic, antioxidant, anti viral, air freshner, insect repellent, muscle relaxed!

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