Here is a great recipe for organic insecticide shared from an amazing cyber friend, Andrea. Please visit her Frugally Sustainable  site to see all the wonderful tips! Link is below my post. I cannot wait to try this out today! Must get back to planting!

Homemade All-Purpose Insecticide Spray

The Ingredients

  • 15 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cayenne peppers (or 3 jalapeno peppers or 1 tablespoon cayenne powder)
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid castile soap (fragrance free)
  • 4 cups warm water


1. In a blender combine the water, garlic, onion, and peppers and puree.
2. Pour the mixture into a glass jar, secure the lid, and steep for 6-24 hours on the counter.
3. Strain through a cheesecloth, then add the liquid castile soap and mix well.
4. Load the mixture into a spray bottle and you’re good to go.

To Use

I love this recipe! Try it on a host of pests in your garden and feel free to adjust it as needed with other insect repellent herbs. Spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves, throughly coating them. Store this mixture in the fridge and if it is strained well, it should keep for at least 1-2 months. Note: Be sure to test a patch prior to spraying the entire plant. Take care not to get this on your skin or in your eyes, the cayenne pepper will burn.

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You and I must be thinking along the same lines today. I just posted about my battles with aphids! I will save your recipe to my current arsenal.


I guess it’s time of the year. Great minds think alike!
Thanks Becky.

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