I have not blogged in over a week because I threw out my back and neck! Uggghhhh!!! I am not used to sitting still or laying still for so long and I am itching to get back to work BUT doctor’s orders no lifting or working for a few more days.

So here’s the scoop on last week…. our two cows arrived about 10 days ago and it was NOT uneventful! I should say they are not actually our cows but we are housing them in exchange for meat one day. 🙂

 Here they are! They were dairy bulls that were purchased, bottle fed and castrated to be raised as steer. It is quite hard at this stage not to become attached because they are cute and #5 is my favorite(the one with his head in the bucket). Back to their first few days, you would think that two cows on 16 acres would love life and not think about escaping right? Wrong!!! Their sole purpose the second day was how do we get the heck out of here and head home! Sunday morning, as I am getting ready to leave for the day to work at the GHA Farmers Market, Jonathan informs me that the cows are in the front yard. Great…20 minutes til I must leave and already we have to round up cows! OK so it wasn’t as bad as I thought, they ran from us a couple times and then between the three of us, we squeezed them along a fence line back into their pasture, whew. A few hours go by and I get a call from John, ” Uh honey the cows are nowhere to be found, got to go search” and he wasn’t real happy about it. After I arrive home and see the condition of my husband, I realize what he had to go through to find our cute little cows! John retells the story , he walked the whole property, crossing fence lines and finally spots them atop a ledge of some sort 8 feet up scared to pieces. Gun shots are heard nearby as some dumb people on the next road are shooting and hooting and hollering just for the fun of it. Why do people think that’s fun??? Weird… Anyway, John attempts to get these cows down through numerous briars(hence the conditon of my hubby when I saw him) with no luck. Finally he turns to leave to come home and the darn cows come down from where they were and follow him home!

They were so traumatized by their adventure that they figured life NEAR the Bilella household is much better than far away in the woods!

I love my family so much and this week they have taken such good care of the horses, cows, chickens and my garden while I recover. My poor garden needs me and needs more plants, hopefully by the end of the week I will be back to normal and back to work as much is needed to be done!

OH and on top of all that…the lawn mower died. Well horses get to work and eat up all that grass!!!

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