So you might be a homesteader if you look into your soil for your gardens, see worms and yell “YAY I have worms!!!”

AND you get excited seeing your beautiful, rich soil made from compost with the help of your chickens.

2 raised beds made next to our 25×11 foot garden and 1 raised bed elsewhere for asparagus. More to build! I repurposed bricks that I found in our woods and next to the house. My friend Christina gave me blackberry bushes and has more bricks for me! Kim, another homesteading friend, gave me asparagus to plant. I am truly blessed!

So, you might be a homesteader….

IF you open one of the refrigerators(yeah, homesteaders have more than one and usually another freezer) and most of the items in it have homemade labels!

  A few bread starters, container of whey from homemade cheese, kombucha jars, elderberry cough syrup, homemade ginger ale etc…

Last but not least for today,

You might be a homesteader…

If there’s a pot of milk on the stove and you are making ricotta cheese! Recipe to be uploaded, check back. Please comment and add to my you might be a homesteader…topic and I will share. Sorry Mr. Jeff Foxworthy I used your line and changed it to my own.


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