Isn’t it amazing how our day to day activities seem to increase and overflow to the point of no return? Remember as a child you did not have a care in the world, all that needed to be done with your day was to play, explore and enjoy.

When we first moved to Georgia, 20+ years ago, I thought “yay, all this wide open space, we can get horses!” Well horses did not come just yet, we had to get jobs and work…you know the usual stuff. I worked as a waitress and in my spare time I would watch tv for hours on end doing much of nothing. Here I had all this space, all this extra time on my hands but nothing to do. Actually I was just lazy!!! John tilled a small garden , we bought a pool(to lay around and do more of nothing), and eventually bought a couple of horse.

Suddenly I had plenty to do! Taking care of horses, riding horses, thinking only about horses…then thinking about a baby. Yes my sweet Jonathan came along and I had plent more to do! Joyfully, I loved him, fed him, read millions of books to him and watched him play, explore and enjoy!

I was getting busy as years passed, doing way more stuff, adding activities, working too hard, opened a store and homeschooled at the same time then…life took a turn. Business failed and I needed to close. Sigh, this was a sad time and it still is until I pay back all my bills BUT things happen for a reason. It is still an adjustment staying home, homeschooling my Jonathan who is now a 9th grader and progressing in my homesteading to a more sustainable life. But you know what? I am staying focused, productive and loving it!

As I learn homesteading ideas or try new recipes and venture out to Farmer’s Markets to sell, I feel that I now can play, explore and enjoy life on a farm.

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