Gardening can be fun, rewarding and expensive! This year I decided to expand my veggie garden to about double the size and include raised beds,we have rows currently. So I am trying to fingure all the best ways to cut costs since I don’t have the extra money to go to Home Depot and BUY all the wood for the raised beds and all the plants. It could wind up costing a couple hundred dollars, yikes!

I am starting most of my plants by seeds. already have a bunch of lettuce and swiss chard growing.

Can’t wait for fresh, crunchy, yummy lettuce!!! We eat salads almost every day so none of these will go to waste. We are lucky to have chickens and horses so fertilizer is FREE. Although I do buy a few pounds of Black Gold otherwise known as worm poop because this stuff is amazing!!! Rich, rich fertilizer and you only need a small amount for each plant AND if you make a tea out of it to spray onto the leaves of your plants, it will help keep bugs away. To make the worm tea: I just take a gallon of warm,not hot water and add a cup of worm castings, mix it up, let it sit for a few hours and transfer to a spray bottle. On the spray bottle note, choose one with decent size holes so it doesn’t clog. You can use a regular watering can if you’d like.

But I thought I would share a post from another fellow blogger regarding those raised bed building dilemmas. She shows us how to build them for FREE, YAY!!! Check it out:

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