What a busy week! Delivered bread to Boss Brothers Country Store Wednesday, oven stopped working Thursday, taught a Couponing 101 class to an amazing bunch of ladies, worked at Tyler Perry Studios Friday taping a laugh track and got up at 4:00am Saturday to go to Organic Growers School in Asheville, NC.

Arrived in Asheville at 7:30am, picked up my name tag and wandered around the vendors while waiting for my classes to start. It was quite overwhelming! One nice man was giving seeds away for FREE! I talked with him a bit and picked out a few different varieties that I wanted to try like Blue Basil -bees love it, broccoli, dill, cilantro and boneset – not sure what it looks like but it is a good medicinal herb. From the vendors I purchased some organic heirloom tomato seeds and Tulsi Basil seeds! was very happy to find Tulsi seeds, otherwise known as Holy Basil. Tulsi is good for making tea, very calming, antibacterial, anti oxidant, an “elixir of life” and believed to provide longevity.

So off to my first class! “Maximizing Farm Efficency”
Big class of about 45 people all in various stages of farming. Some were just planning on buying land, others already have big farm operations with CSA’s and wholesale accounts! I am just in those early stages of what can I use my land for besides just growing food for my family so I will be ready for June for the Statham Farmers Market. Our teachers talked about labor a bunch especially to us that have small families or limited help. Their suggestion was to trade out skills with others, marketing for labor, trading veggies for labor or you help me on my farm and I will help you on yours! Our ladies homestead group does a good bit of this. Stacking Enterprises was another awesome topic that explained how to maximize your profits by using your animals or crops in every possible way. Example: You now have a herd of cows, so you will sell shares of each cow, sell meat, make beef stock from the bones to sell, use the hides, maybe have a dual purpose cow breed and sell milk? Cheese and butter? Say you love to cook, like myself, how about putting in double the basil plants and making pesto or basil butter to sell. See where I am going with this?

Visit your local extension office to have a farm audit,get a soil test and to get help with your business plan. Your county extension can be a valuable source for information. My head is swimming with so much info from the day that I will post more on the rest of the classes later.

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