After weeks of repairing, restringing, building fences on the back 16 acres, we finally finished yesterday. Let me tell you that my hubby and I are completely worn out! Usually, on the weekends my son, Jonathan helps us out but he was feeling sick yesterday so he stayed inside. We told him not to worry because we only had a few hours work left to do. So we thought… 3 hours later, we come in to eat some lunch since realizing that we are out of fence staples. Oh darn, now I must waste time and drive all the way to Home Depot to get more staples. But wait! John scrounges around the basement and located enough staples to keep us going. YAY!

Ok, lunch is over back to work we go. We drive the truck halfway into the woods and must carry everything the rest of the way across the creek and up the hill. Wow, would be nice to have a four wheeler someday! So far, we think we’ll be finished in about an hour. Just have to pick up some hog wire where some trees fell upon the fence, straighten it out and restring the barbed wire. That is not exactly what happened.

So we had to clear, ah em, John had to clear about 200 or so feet of fenceline in order to work on the fence. amazing how much damage was done to that fence but it survived. We straightened it out and restapled it to the posts. Good as new! By this time we were running out of staples again. Well being the recycling freak that I am, we walked along the fence and took out any old fence staples that were not being used off the posts and restapled to where we needed them.

Ahhhh done…it’s a long walk out at the end of the day and John and I are tired old folks! My husband is awesome!!! Home for dinner, a glass of wine and a much needed long hot bath!

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