Welcome to  the Bella Vista Farm Blog! This blog is all about our little homestead in Georgia. Life has changed quite a bit for us in the past few years and we decided to progress towards a simpler lifestyle. Our farm has grown this year to 24 acres and we are trying to figure out how to utilize all of it to our best advantage. Currently we own 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 chickens and soon housing 5 cows. I do garden and bake and cook all of our food. This year I am planning to expand our garden, add berry bushes and an orchard. Oh but the wait for those yummy apples will take FOREVER!!!! Hopefully only 2-3 years.

Starting in June, I will be a vendor at the Statham Farmers Market and I am sooooo looking forward to this new adventure! What I will be selling? Extra veggies, Basil Pesto, Homemade Artisan Breads, Semolina Italian Breads, Honey Wheat and White Loaf Breads, and Herbal Skincare Products.

Follow our blog and see all of our happenings on our homestead. Daily Joys and Daily Struggles.

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